The website Woman Card celebrates, through playing cards, the achievement of the most influential women in the world. A group of worldwide illustrators and art directors wanted to respond Donald Trump’s comment on Hillary Clinton : according to him, her achievement is because she played the “woman card” and not thanks to her hard work. These artists wanted to create a deck game of 54 illustrated cards featuring 53 queens and 2 jokers (Donald Trump & Donald Drumpf).

Only 13 cards are available for the moment, among these drawn women, we can see Lena Dunham, Frida Kahlo, Hillary Clinton, Tina Fey, Rosa Parks, Oprah Winfrey and Michelle Obama.

Frida Kahlo By Nicole Martinez.

Emma Watson By Gabrielle Hoggett.

Madonna By Beatriz Espinosa.

Tina Fey & Amy Poehler By Marta Vega.

Yayoi Kusama By John Dávila Morris.

Kathryn Bigelow By Gabriela Epelboim.

Rosa Parks By Andy McLeod.

Oprah Winfrey By Ilia Isales.

Hillary Clinton By Stefi Goldstein.

Ellen DeGeneres By Emely Rodriguez.

Michelle Obama By Jasmine Estrada.

Lena Dunham By Ana Calvo.

Cleopatra By Diego Rionda.

Helen Keller By Adrielo.

Hari Nef By Ana Calvo.

Cindy Gallop by “Myno”.

Elizabeth Warren By Gerardo Guillén.

Sheryl Sandberg By Nicole Martinez.

Indra Devi By Juan Pedro Gonzalez.

Hedy Lamarr By Jennifer Ortiz.

Melinda Gates By Karla Nava.