During March, then April, you followed the Nespresso Talents 2016 contest, ‘Explore your extraordinary’, which defies established cinematographic conventions by promoting audiovisual creation in an original format, the vertical one, filmed with a smartphone. The theme was the exploration of the extraordinary in the ordinary.

Numerous filmmakers worldwide submitted their creations and the jury, composed of three talented directors, Erik Schmitt, Gaëlle Denis, Eva Weber, as well as of the Chief Customer Officer of Nespresso, Alfonso Gonzalez, finally chose 3 projects, which touched them, moved them, and which distinguished themselves by their creativity. Each of these 3 films received 6000€ as well as an invitation for the prestigious Cannes Film Festival. Discover the projects below :

An Ordinary Life, by the russian filmmaker Lidia Sheinin. An uplifting and poignant celebration of family relationships.

Scars, par Fran Najera. A powerful and evocative film that takes an ordinary moment and turns it into a poetic story with a strong emotional punch.

Decollo Verticale, by Italo Draperi. A touching and humorous take on how mundane daily life and familiar human relationships can be transformed by one magical moment.

For more information on the selected films visit : www.nespresso.com/talents