Brazilian illustrator Diego Sanches selected 7 scientists, who have marked the History by their discoveries and inventions, to re-create them into 8-bit superheroes of video games. Among these scientists, we find Stephen Hawking, Marie Curie, Pythagore, Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla. Each has his superpowers (echoing with their discoveries), like for instance the evolution for Darwin, Einstein’s relativity and Newton’s gravity.

Stephen Hawking: special move — Wormhole.

Stephen Hawking: Basic Move.

Charles Darwin: special move — Evolution.

Charles Darwin: special move — Natural Selection.

Albert Einstein: special move — Relativity .

Albert Einstein: special move — E=mc2.

Isaac Newton: special move — Opticks.

Isaac Newton: special move — Gravity.

Nikola Tesla: special move — Teleforce “Death Ray”.

Nikola Tesla: special move — Tesla Coil.

Marie Curie: special move — Radium.

Marie Curie: special move — Marie Curie Polonium.

Pythagoras: special move — Tetractys.

Pythagoras: special move — Pythagorean Theorem.