Ladies Rooms Around The World is a project by photographer Maxi Cohen who visited a lot of countries and different ladies restrooms. In a very insolite way, she decided to immortalize what happens in the ladies rooms, all around the world : an intimate place, more than we think. She explains that it’s during a boring gala dinner in a hotel, that she went to the restrooms and surprised herself to be fascinated by these ladies and their beauty rituals, who chit-chat. From the averages restrooms in airports to Cannes’ boxes.

Nouvel an, New York City (1985).

Spa Golden Eagle, New Jersey (1982).

Casino, Deauville, France (1978).

Théâtre Nokia, New York City (2009).

Glenwood Springs (1996).

Danceteria, New York City (1985).

Terminal d’aéroport sud-est, New York City (1981).

Aire d’autoroute, New York City (1989).

Hôtel Ritz, Bombay, Inde (1988).

Ecole de Samba, Rio de Janeiro (2008).

Ouverture à Broadway, New York City (1979).

Hôtel Konover, Miami Beach (1978).

Festival du film à Cannes, France (1994).

Bal au Jewish Museum’s, New York City (1987).

Hôtel et Casino Fairmount, Livingstone, Zambie (2003).

Terminus du bus, Atlantic City (1983).