After a first part of their series Way to Say, Art director Alessandro Stenco and Gabriele Caeti come back with the series More Way to Says : posters that illustrate and translate literally typical Italian expressions. They’ve made a real work of style and typography to show all these idiomatic expressions with a lot of humour.

ITA “Aria fritta” / ENG “Fried air”.

ITA “Vedere tutto nero” / ENG “See all black”.

ITA “Cielo mio marito” / ENG “Sky my husband”.

ITA “”Il silenzio è d’oro” / ENG “Silence is gold”.

ITA “”Più culo che anima” / ENG “More ass than soul”.

ITA “Attaccati al tram” / ENG “Go attach yourself to the tram”.

ITA “Scheletro nell’armadio” / ENG “Skeleton in the wardrobe”.

ITA “Non confondere la merda con il cioccolato” / ENG “Don’t confuse shit with chocolate”.

ITA “Ti conosco mascherina” / ENG “I know you little mask”.

ITA “Piove governo ladro” / ENG “It rains government thief”.