In 1967, university professor Dr. Bill Podlich, his wife Margaret, and their daughters, Jan and Peg went to Afghanistan for two years. At this time, the country was still a kingdom and Podlich was working with UNESCO at the Higher Teachers College in Kabul. During his free time, he used to traveled around the country to take pictures of inhabitants daily life before talibans.

Blonde & Afghans

Young Photographer At Paghman Gardens

Decorating Cakes

Salang Pass Tunnel

Shopping For Scarves

Hanging Out At AISK

Big Sister

Frying Up Dessert

Sharing Tea & Music

Afghan High School Girls

Bus Trip

Bus Driver

Kabul Gorge

Rush Hour


Kindergarten Dance

Education Under The Trees

Afghan Hound

The American International School Of Kabul Parking Lot

Students At The Higher Teachers College Of Kabul