Designer Alexander Kanygin is associate with about fifteen other artists, architects, illustrators, designers or photographers, in order to create a collection of objects with robotic shape made with wood. Creations gather with the name Robo Wood, give a playful decoration with objects that daily use could be very useful.

Bike hanger by Alexander Kanygin.

Cabel hanger by Mira Smurova.

Candel holder by Ilya Spiridonov.

Case for used batteries by Katerina Kopytina.

Comb by George Sneghkin.

Cork by Ivan Kozhin.

Hanger by Alexander Kanygin.

Hanger by Mike Deruzhskiy.

Jewelry box by Alexander Kanygin.

Kitchen timer by Stas Leontye.

Mirror by Alexander Kanygin.

Moneybox by Nikita Cherevkov.

Napkin holder by Yaroslav Misonzhnikov.

Nutcracker by Pavel Ulianov and Alexander Kanygin.

Pencil box for kids by Fedor Toy.

Pencil sharpener by Andrey Voronov.