June is the perfect period to gather all the creative plant jars presented during last months on Fubiz. Revisited as little jewels, terrariums or suspended in space, we’ve seen that artists have lots of clever ideas when it comes to sublimate foliage plants and flowers.

Green Marble Side Table by Plan S-23.

Monstera Pots for Plants by Tim van de Weerd.

The Rainy Pot by Jeong Seungbin.

Booming Vases by Analogia Project and Alessio Sarri.

Jellyfish Planters by Cathy Van Hoang.

Ceramic Cephalopod and Jellyfish Air Plant Holders by Cindy and James Searles.

Crazy Faces Ceramic Vases by Ben Sanders.

Ecoid Urban Nature.

Exploding Vases by Martin Klimas.

Self Cleaning Fish Tank by Noux.

Flower Vases With Oil Lamp Design by Giuseppe Bessero.

Funny Creative Terrariums by Matteo Cibic.

Geometric Glass Terrariums and Lamps by Score+Solder.

The Growing Books.

House for Trees by Vo Trong Nghia Architects.

Roman Objects by Jean-Claude LeBlanc.

Milo by Lightovo.

Melting Flowers Jars by Tanner Bowman.

Plants in Stratosphere by Azuma Makoto.

Poetic Jewels Containing Real Flowers by RubyRobin.

Saturn Flower’s Vase by Kim HyunJoo.

Suspended Ceramic Vases by Dosso Fiorito.

The Book Vase by YOY.

Urban Survival Pack by Ryan Romanes.

Wearable Planter by Colleen Jordan.