For June, Fubiz has chosen for you some contemporary master pieces presented by online gallery Artsper. Among this selection, discover sculptures, paintings and famous photographs which made an impact from the 50’s until now. Find out more on Artsper.

Eruschka, Nice, 1975 by Helmut Newton.

28 Millimetres, Women are heroes action in Phnom Penh, Peng Panh, 2011 by JR.

Lucky Strike, 1987 (White), 1987 by Keith Haring.

Untitled, 2014 by Aki Kuroda.

Les murs ont la parole, 2008 by Jacques Villeglé.

Aqua Girl, 1979 by Mel Ramos.

Girls in the Windows, 1960 by Ormond Gigli.

Cocoon, 2010 by Thomas Jorion.

Arazzo, 2012 by Thomas Jorion.

Central Park, New York, 1954 by Vivian Maier.

Le petit parisien, 1952 by Willy Ronis.

Alice (Noir), 2013 by Xavier Veilhan.