In this best-of, Fubiz has selected the most creative and design chairs : made of wood, foam, or shaped like skulls and octopus, from the most elegant to the most original, the best kind of seats are to be discovered in the gallery.

3D Printed Animal Chair Miniatures by Maximo Riera.

Monster Chair by Constantin Bolimond.

Multi-Tasking Chairs by Song Seung-Yong.

Luno Armchair by IL HOON ROH.

Lounge chair Q1 by Odesd2.

Happy Material Chairs by Pini Leibovich.

Eclosion Sofa by Olivier Grégoire.

Floating Balloon Design by h220430.

Bamboo Chair Flow by Cheng-Tsung Feng.

Carbon Fiber Eames Sofa by Matthew Strong.

Bookworm Chair by Atelier010.

Cloud Sofa by Dizajno.

Skull Armchair by Harow.

Lot in Sofa by Daisuke Motogi.

Affinity Chair by Ben Alun-Jones.

Chairs Design by Pierre Renart.

Inception Chair by Vivian Chiu.

Momento Collection by Emanuele Canova.

Skull Chair by Vladi Rapaport.

Squishy Chairs by Annie Evelyn.

Soft Armchair by Marta Szymkowiak.

Sofa Canvas by YOY.

Snobar Furniture by Yonder Magnetik.

Swing Table by Duffy London.

Triwing Chair by Marco Hemmerling.

U Stool Chair by Richard Clarkson.

Steps Design Chair by Geof Ramsay.

Wood Sofa by Bae Se Hwa.

Wooden Knot Furniture by Kino Guerin.

Wooden Bags Furniture by AmeBe.

Zoo Furniture by Mayice.

Rocking Chair by M.OSS.

Qwerty Couch by Zoo Loft.

Hanger Chair by Philippe Malouin.

Globe Chair by Michiel van Gageldonk.

Hanging Chair by Les Ateliers Guyon.

Cay Sofa Concept by Alexander Rehn.

Origami Sofa by Yumi Yoshid.

Dog House Sofa by Seungji Mun.