We have made for you on Fubiz a compilation of the best cherry blossoms photos taken in 2014, by Japanese photographers or photographers that have travelled in the cherry tree country. The pictures of these beautiful and very inspiring white and pink trees are to discover in the next part of the article.

By Yuga Kurita.

By Sue Hsu.

By Yukatan.

By Akio Iwanaga.

By Masato Mukoyama.

By Nobuhiro Suhara.

By Noisy Paradise.

By Saori.

By Onotch.

By Poojartiwari.

By Torne.

By Zhangning.

By Tomosang.

By Takeshi Tanaka.

By Ta3mam.

By Ryosuke Yagi.

By Hikaruno Mikoto.

By Haru Digital Photo.

By Danny Dungo.

By Kyle.