Canadian photographer Martin Tremblay, aka LePinch, has created this striking series offers different models upside down. Each portrait is playing on the severity and helps highlight the looks of women, designed by Pascal & Jérémie. A series made for Schön! Magazine in London to discover in the article.

Photographer : Martin Tremblay / Pinch
Art Direction : Martin Tremblay / Pinch

Ast. Photographer : Guillaume Lépine

Retouch :
Visual Box Lucas Bayzelon & Gabriel Carbonneau +

Stylist : Pascal & Jérémie

Makeup : Marie-Laure Larrieu & Joëlle Boucher
The makeup artists used : Yves Saint Laurent products

Hairdresser : Geneva Cowen for Redken 5th avenue NYC
Hairdresser : Stéphane Legros for Redken 5th avenue NYC

Models : Bayan & Cat at Folio models agency Montréal