Sony World Photography Awards invite annually professionals and amateurs to compete for the best images. While the competition ends Jan. 6th of 2014, here’s a selection of impressive to see in the following pictures, starting with ‘The Knight and His Steed “, directed by Nicolas Reusens Boden.

Be Cheerful Even in the Darkest of Times – Samantha Fortenberry

Last Summer Day – Igor Kryzhko

Bhutanese masked dancer and boy – Joyce Le Mesurier

Underground – Holger Schmidtke

The Knight and His Steed – Nicolas Reusens Boden

The sons of the Angh of Nyahnyu – Sergio Carbajo

Fashion Muslim – Simone Sapienza

Abore Sand strom – Carlos Duarte

Open Low Light – Pedro London

Bonding – Cory Kipa

Sorrow – Eugene Stulov