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Byzantine Collection: mosaic sideboards by Davide G Aquini

Byzantine Collection is a series of sideboards in wood and metal inspired by Byzantine mosaic art designed by Davide G. Aquini. The austere and minimalist exterior hides a rich inner mosaic lining. Each piece of furniture interprets the mosaic decoration in a different way, using different materials: marble, glass, gold and mother of pearl.This collection [...]


Après la vague We’re Happy, McCann Abidjan prend le contrepied et sort son UNHAPPY. Une version triste de I’m Happy de Pharell Une pensée pour tous ceux qui vivent des situations UNHAPPY en Afrique et ailleurs. Musique : Remix par Woodkid de I’m happy de Pharell

Gradient bookcase

Kutarq studio presents ‘Gradient’ an original shelving unit very appropriate for domestic spaces. This bookcase is the result of combining an innovative structure with common materials and a very straightforward assembly system. Natural plywood and steel frames work great together and are linked by hidden screws, giving this aspect of lightness; the frames look like [...]

Pharrell – Happy (UNHAPPY VERSION)

Hi Romain,  Unofficial videoclip of the Happy Woodkid remix. Made with my personnal 26 saddest scenes in movies.Will you recognize all of them?Edit video by : Benoit Lagalle ( rights from : Pharrell – Happy (Woodkid Sad Remix)    

House in Balsthal

Pascal Flammer a créé cette maison en bois à Balsthal. La particularité de cette maison est l’osmose complète avec la nature environnante, de grandes baies ouvrent sur des vues composées de champs de blé. Tandis que le rez de chaussée est sur ​​la connexion avec la nature, l’étage supérieur permet l’observation de la nature.

Christopher Kennedy artwork at Bucks County Playhouse

Christopher Kennedy has contributed the artwork titled ‘Paddles’, to the Bucks County Playhouse 75th anniversary gala benefit on May 3rd 2014. The piece is made using a process which he calls Photo Luminism. The theatre, converted from an old mill 90 minutes drive from Manhattan USA, has been an important cultural centre since 1939, and [...]

Gothamcargo wooden bicycle baskets

Inspired by the traditional wooden cargo boxes, Gothamcargo baskets are the loyal partner of the commuter cyclist and bicycle enthusiasts.Designed to be lightweight and very stable, the baskets are handmade in Greece and are available in a number of colors to match whatever look you desire. Visit for more.