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climate change illustrations

Aurélia Durand is a french designer specialized in sustainability. The brutality of her illustration aim to show the emergency and the reality that our world is going through. You can see more about this serie in here.        

TIO – Reinventing the toothbrush

Everyone is concerned about the environment. We all try to do our part — reducing waste, recycling, buying organic foods when possible. But if you’re like us, you’re left wishing that the products you use every day were created with the environment in mind. TIO combines the best elements of design, oral-care and sustainability. It`s [...]

Now – by Plus de Prod

Réalisée par Nabil Senhaji et Karim Walehiane, NOW est la nouvelle création originale de Plus de prod, production cinéma, pub et TV. La vidéo met en scène le boxeur Thomas Alizier dans sa préparation au combat. Plus de prod développe actuellement des créations originales pour le monde de la publicité. NOW est définie comme une [...]

What’s Behind

In the fashion industry, big brands ships fly the flag of social responsibility, sustainability and ethical behavior. But a cruel reality is often masked. Several national and international brands were fined in recent years for using child slave labor in their factories. To warn of this cause, Agencia Africa ( created a campaign where we [...]

Volta Motorbikes

Volta Motorbikes is a young company created on 2011 by entrepreneurs (designers and engineers). After months of hard work , now presents his first product: the Volta BCN, a full electric motorbikes to use for the day to day trips arround the city. The Volta BCN combines design, a sporty feel, innovation and sustainability all [...]

Takeshi pour Expo 2020 Dubaï

Takeshi / Expo 2020 Dubai / United Arab Emirates In preparation of Expo 2020 Dubai which will be held in Dubai, Takeshi illustrated one of the 21 sculptures which will be exposed in the city in the next days. Among 3 themes that are: Mobility, Sustainability & Opportunities, Takeshi represented the sub-theme Culture. More information.


Film esthétique et cinématographique sur l’univers du  » moment «  iFilm directed by Nabil SENHAJI & Karim WALEHIANE Dop: Yann MARITAUD Boxer: Thomas ALIZIER Voice over : Aimee Pavitt   Read More…  

Margherita: The Sustainable Italian Lamp

The lampshade  is made of a reused tomato can and the structure of Piedmont beech plywood bonded with soy-bean adhesives. The wood is cut by a numerically controlled milling machine. The machine itself is made from wood as well, and was born from an open-source project with Izmade. A gift for you and a favor [...]

Because of a look

Shot in the city of Cairo, this beautiful short movie directed by Nabil Senhaji is a subtle urban immersion, a grounding poem about a love story between two people from totally opposite universes.        

Because of a look

Tourné dans la ville du Caire, ce court-métrage réalisé par Nabil Senhaji est une douce immersion urbaine, un poème humaniste relatant une histoire d’amour entre deux personnes issues d’univers que tout oppose.

Black And White Wild Beauty

Dans sa série « Beauté Sauvage », l’artiste belge Nabil Nezzar a dessiné plusieurs illustrations d’animaux sauvages, placés sur un fond blanc et retirés de leurs environnements naturels. Ce fond épuré a été choisi par l’artiste pour une seule et bonne raison : pouvoir rendre bien compte de leurs détails et de leurs motifs. De belles images en noir et blanc, à découvrir.

Boom Festival

Portuguese photographer Carolina Pimenta documents a unique gathering of the global psychedelic tribe at Boom Festival 2014. Inspired by the principles of Oneness, Peace, Creativity, Sustainability, Transcendence, Alternative Culture, Active Participation, Evolution and Love, it is a space where people from all over the world can converge to experience an alternative reality.                     [...]

Alt J – Hunger Of The Pine

Le vidéaste américain Nabil a réalisé le dernier clip d’Alt J pour son titre « Hunger Of The Pine », extrait de son nouvel album « This Is All Yours » qui sortira le 22 Septembre 2014. Un homme court dans les bois et dans les champs, au milieu de flèches qui ne cessent de le transpercer. Une belle vidéo au ralenti et une production de Claire Oxley à découvrir.

Future Living Studio Cambodia – EU funded SPIN project

Future Living Studio (FLS) was a temporary design studio in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.  FLS is working within the EU-funded, SPIN Project to improve Vietnam and Cambodia’s global participation in sustainable product design. During three months international designers and their local colleagues worked closely together with three local partner manufacturers to tackle the growing issues of [...]