Le London’s Design Museum a annoncé les finalistes de la dixième édition du Beazley Designs de l’année. Des architectes reconnus comme le studio Zaha Hadid Architects à des collaborations insolites, comme celle de Levi’s et Google, la short list des meilleures oeuvres de l’année.

Crédits images : Design Museum

Port House by Zaha Hadid Architects / Photograph : Hélène Binet

Graham: « The only person designed to survive on our roads » by Patricia Piccinini

Hijab by NIKE

Refugee Flag for the first ever Olympic Refugee team

‘Scewo’ stairclimbing device

Pug-in house / People’s Architecture office / Photographer : Gao Tianxia

Rapid liquid printing by Self-assembly lab, MIT in collaboration with Steelcase

Levi’s® commuter™ trucker jacket with jacquard™ by Google

Finding her / IC4 design for UN Women Egypt

Alphabet of light / BIG

‘Olli’ by Local Motors is the world’s first 3D printed self-driving bus