Voici les clichés qui ont remporté le 2015 Australian Life Prize. Une superbe sélection qui immortalise le quotidien des australiens, des moments les plus routiniers dans les banlieues de Sidney aux instants les plus inoubliables tels que des enfants sautant des rochers en terre d’Arnhem.

A Glance from Backstage. (Photo by Conor Ashleigh/Australian Life Prize 2015).

Call to Prayer. A young girl plays on her phone in front of Muslim men as they take evening prayer in Lakemba. (Photo by Jeremy Piper/Australian Life Prize 2015).

Children Cooling Off at Dhiari Homeland. Local children get wet and cool in Arnhem Land. (Photo by Matthew Abbott/Australian Life Prize 2015).

Even When the Rain Falls. Sports teams gather and play across Australia despite the weather. (Photo by John Appleyard/Australian Life Prize 2015)

Floatie. (Photo by Henrique Fanti-Floatie/Australian Life Prize 2015).

Jerry at Home. (Photo by Fergus Leese/Australian Life Prize 2015).

Market Street, Sydney. (Photo by Michael Keevers/Australian Life Prize 2015).

Megaburst Approaching. A sailor aboard his yacht tries to outrun a massive microburst off the coast of Sydney’s northern beaches. (Photo by Jeremy Piper/Australian Life Prize 2015).

Ocean Lovers. Michaela Skovranova’s underwater dream series explores the state between dreams and reality. (Photo by Michaela Skovranova/Australian Life Prize 2015).

Snapshot. (Photo by Jimmy Le/Australian Life Prize 2015).

Stretch. (Photo by Paul Blackmore/Australian Life Prize 2015).