0 blackandwhitehistoric
zBy Danny Lyon
zAudrey Hepburn by Gilles Bensimon
Picasso, his son and Cocteau by Brian Brake
Marlene Dietrich by Milton Greene2
Marlene Dietrich by Milton Greene
James Dean by Roy Schatt
Clint Eastwood and his wife by Larry Barbier JR
By Thomas D McAvoy
By Mercury Press-Caters News-SIPA Press
By Marcelo Montecino
By Louis Faurer
By Ken Schles4
By Ken Schles3
By Ken Schles2
By Joel Meyerowitz3
By Joel Meyerowitz2
By Joel Meyerowitz
By James Malindine
By Horace Abrahams-Keystone-Hulton Archive-Getty Images
By Fred Morley-Fox Photos-Getty Images
By Fox Photos-Getty Images4
By Fox Photos-Getty Images2
By Ed Van Der Elsken4
By Ed Van Der Elsken2
0Orson Welles on the set of MacBeth
0Marylin Monroe by Ed Feingersh
0Marlene Dietrich by Irving Haberman.
0JF Kennedy by Elliott Erwitt
0Jack Kerouac by John Cohen
0From Getty Images
0By Peter Turnley
0By Nicholas Matorin
0By Louis Faurer2
0By Ken Schles
0By Henri Cartier-Bresson
0By Gerard Castello Lopes
0By Francesc Catala-Roca
0Behind the scenes of Singin’ in the Rain from Life