Pour ce best-of d’octobre, nous avons pensé à réunir pour vous le meilleur de l’inspiration LEGO : un univers fait de briques et de personnages jaunes qui ont certainement occupé vos après-midis de jeunesse. Depuis, ils n’ont pas cessé d’influencer la création, même des plus adultes : des mises en scène réalisées par des photographes, des ponts construits par des designers, ou encore des sculptures incroyables.

Celebrities And Characters in LEGO by Ochre Jelly.

Amazing LEGO Sculpture by Mike Doyle.

Banksy’s Street Art in LEGO by Jeff Friesen.

Chocolate LEGO by Akihiro Mizuuch.

Iconic Bands Recreated in LEGO by Adly Syairi Ramly.

LEGO Artworks by Nathan Sawaya.

LEGO Inspired by Movies by Alex Eylar.

The Grand Budapest Hotel In LEGO by Ryan Ziegelbauer.

LEGO Reproducing Iconic Movie Scenes by Morgan Spence.

LEGO Masters of Painting by Marco Sodano.

LEGO Movies Posters by Old Red Jalopy Studio.

Star Wars LEGO Invasion in Lyon by Benoît Lapray And Matthieu Latry.

Retro Technology LEGO Kits by Chris McVeigh.

When LEGO Meets Star Wars by Vesa Lehtimaki.

Wooden LEGO Bricks by Mokulock.

Lego Bridge by Megx.

London Bus Stop In LEGO by Duncan Titmarsh.

The Legographer by Andrew Whyte.

LEGO Kitchen by Munchausen Studio.

LEGO Star Wars by Escola Cuca.

Star Wars Chess in LEGO by Brandon Griffith.

LEGO Notebooks by Moleskine.

Star Wars X-Wing LEGO.

Streetwear Brands in LEGO by Adly Syairi Ramly.

Telecom Store Architecture in LEGO by AISIDI And Coordination Asia.

Head In LEGO by Elroy Klee Studio.

LEGO Bricks Table by Nucleo.

Transparent LEGO Chandelier by Tobias Tostesen.

Wooden LEGO by Thibaut Malet.

LEGO Simpsons Set.

LEGO Imagine by Jung von Matt.

LEGO History Campaign by Mike Stimpson.

LEGO Wall Divider by Npire.

LEGO Calendar by Vitamins Design.

LEGO Letterpress by Physical Fiction, Justin LaRosa And Samuel Cox.

LEGO Metaphorical Horizons by Lene Wille.

LEGO Office by Rosan Bosch.

LEGO Table by ABGC.

World’s Tallest LEGO Tower.