73-Terrace of Exotic Gardens in Monaco in France-April1963
72-Tatshenshini-Alsek Wilderness Park in Canada-Feb1994
70-Taku Glacier in Alaska-Feb1967
69-Sunny Beach along the Black Sea in Bulgaria-July1980
67-September 1979
66-September 1973
65-Seagulls above the waters of the Minches Channel in Scotland-May1970
64-Sand dunes in Colorados High San Luis Valley-Oct1939
63-Rhesus monkeys at Swayambhu Temple in Nepal-Apr1980
62-Puma in the Colombian jungle-Aug1970
61-Prekestolen over Lyse Fjord in Norway-jan1957
60-Polyorchis jellyfish-Nov1961
58-Pamunkey River-Virginia-July1974
57-Observation on Clingmans Dome in North Carolina-May1970
55-Mount Hood-Nov1952
54-Mount Everest-July1984
53-Molten lava explodes as it hits the ocean off of Hawaii-Dec1992
52-Macaws in the Peruvian rain forest-Jan1994
51-Lower Falls of the Yellowstone River in Wyoming-Dec1965
50-Lompoc Valley in California-Apr1984
49-Little Flint introduces himself-Dec1965
48-Lilliputian in Japan-april1936
47-La Jollas Cliffs in San Diego-CA-Jan1942
46-Jets of boiling water wave a snowy plume of steam in an eruption of Old Faithful Geyser in Yellowstone National Park-Dec1965
44-Hot Springs in Iceland-August1969
43-Hongorin Els dunes in the Gobi desert-Feb1985
42-Hog Island in Bahamas-Feb1958
41-Green Sea Turtle haunts a Caribbean shoal-Feb1994
40-Great Wall of China-August1960
39-Glacier in Washington State Mt Ranier in the distance-Apr1960
37-Brown bear cubs in Alaska-Sept1975
36-Glacier Bay in Alaska-Jan1984
35-A solitary sprinter dashes along surf-scalloped St Vincent-Dec1965
34-Boot shaped pool in Texas-Apr1980
33-Canyon Walls of Jebel Akhdar in Oman-Sept1981
31-California St in San Francisco-Nov1959
30-Atlantic Volcanoes-June1958
29-Adelie penguin sits on an egg at Cape Hallett in Antarctica-Octo1968
28-A freshwater Suwannee cooter cruises the waters of Floridas Rainbow Run-Jan1986
27-Giraffe at Lake Rudolph-Ethiopia-May1970
26-Galaxy NGC 2997-June1983
25-Fire lookout atop Sierra Buttes in California-June1971
24-Escalante Canyon in Utah-Aug1972
23-Drakensberg Range in South Africa-June1977
22-Couple embracing in front of The Arc de Triomphe-June1960
20-Cluster of observatories atop Hawaii Mauna Kea volcano-June1983
19-Carina Nebula-June1983
18-Cape Regina in New Zealand-Apr1962
17-Cape Hatteras in North Carolina-March1980
16-Belize coast-Jan1972
15-Beach in Rio de Janeiro-Feb1978
14-Balloon breezes over Colorado Sawatch Range-oct1979
13-Avenida Juarez in Mexico-MArch1967
12-Huita River in SW Iceland-August1969
12-An endangered leopard kitten in a Bangkok market-March1981
11-Newborn mountain gorilla in its mothers arms-March1992
11-Artist model strikes a pose in a Montmartre studio-June1960
10-Pioneer I launching at Cape Canaveral in Florida-Feb1959
10-An elephant in Kenya Amboseli Game Reserve-Feb1972
9-Wilberforce Falls on the Hood River in Canada-Jan1986
8-The Eiffel Tower steel tower-June1960
8-Coconut Lory in the New Guinea jungle-Oct1955
7-The Royal Danish Ballet-Feb1974
7-Girl dives in the Vaitepiha River in Tahiti-July1962
6-Toroweap Overlook in Grand Canyon National Monument-Apr1962
6-Glacier in the Ragged Range of Canadas Nahanni National Park Reserve-Sept1981
5-Towering tree ferns about a hillside on Martinique-Feb1959
4-Tuamotu Archipelago in French Polynesia-June1997
4-Serengeti National Park in Tanzania-May1986
3-Virginia Falls in Nahanni National Park-Canada-Sept1981
3-Tats Creek-Canada-Feb1994
3-Sunset view of Mount McKinley in Alaska-June1956
2-Wailua Falls in Hawaii-Sept1995
2-Sky romping acrobats blaze trails over Austin in Minnesota-Feb1941