Au programme du premier best-of Fubiz du mois d’Avril, voici une sélection de l’intérieur des bureaux de grandes sociétés regroupant différents noms très connus tel que Google, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Nike. Nous avons choisi pour vous une sélection des bureaux les plus créatifs, originaux, et esthétiques.

Pinterest Office Architecture by Neal Schwartz.

Superdesk Installation by Clive Wilkinson Architects.

Airbnb Office Architecture by Gensler.

An Office In The Middle Of The Forest by Selgas Cano.

Inside Evernote Office in California by Studio O+A.

Dropbox Office Architecture by Boor Bridges Architecture and Geremia Interior Design.

Glass Office in Shanghai by AIM Architecture.

Google Tel-Aviv Office by Camenzind Evolution with Setter Architects and the studio Yaron Tal.

Google Tokyo Office by Klein Dytham.

Nike London Office Redesign by Rosie Lee.

Foxhead Office Architecture by Clive Wilkinson Architects.

IBM Office Redesign by Massimo Iosa Ghini.

Inside eBay Israel Office by Miki Mottes.

Inside Twitter Office by IA Interior Architects and Lundberg Design.

JWT Amsterdam Office by RJW Elsinga.

Lego Office by Rosan Bosch.

Inside Instagram Office by Geremia Design.

Inside Nike CEO Office by the CEO of Nike.